Past Works

[Ongoing] Personal Project - HTC Vive VR Game
Personal project to play around with HTC Vive.
It is a Bomberman-esque game made using Unity Game Engine.
It was planned to be a multiplayer game where you move around by accessing teleporter, and kill other players by using bomb (left hand controller to teleport, right hand controller to place bomb on teleporter).

Main page of this site, etealune.net.
This page is made mainly to be used as main portal for this site and showcasing Live2D in WebGL.

Note: Due to diverse language, methodology, and tool used for every subdomain, each subdomains are added as different entries.

Personal Project - Augmented Reality
Personal project that use OpenCV library with C++ interface to track simple object and draw 3d model above the pattern in real time.

Personal Project - Live Wallpaper
A live wallpaper for personal use, made by using Live2D SDK for android.
Works by using Android Studio, and coded in Java.